The Baker Virtual Reality Lab

Now you can experience pioneering tools for optimizing your cell culture workflow in Baker’s virtual laboratory. Cell culture research is an area of evolution and expansion. With innovative tools for both open and closed bench applications and precision tools for creating physiologically relevant environments, Baker supplies solutions for this ever-changing global market. Enter our virtual lab, investigate our products, and explore how you can culture as nature intended…


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Experiencing cell culture innovations
has never been easier.

How it works

Learning to navigate the Experience Baker virtual lab is quick and easy. Follow the instructions below to start exploring the lab space, meet Dr. Held and start interacting with our innovative product solutions.

Precision Cell Culture

Remarkable minds need exceptional tools to truly mimic physiology

Understanding the benefits on creating ideal growth environments are creating exciting innovations in how cell culture work is performed. New workflows are attempting to create stable and continuous conditions for optimal growth. This creates less stress on cells and optimizes their growth potential.


Meet Dr. Held

Real world expertise. Virtual laboratory host.

Kara Held, Ph.D. brings an extensive knowledge of cell biology to The Baker Company. Prior to her coming on board, she was a Lab Manager, Safety Officer, and Researcher at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute working with iPS cell-derived motor neurons. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Vermont and completed postdoctoral training at Yale University studying blood vessel regulation. The Dr. Held virtual avatar will greet you on entrance the virtual lab and be on hand to help introduce you to Baker’s cell culture solutions.

Downloads and Resources

Supporting Science since 1951

From aligning ourselves with industry leading experts, Baker has a strong understanding of the wider industry and the complex problems our customers face. Through the efforts of our science and applications teams to the work being done at Center for Excellence facilities, we aim to provide insight into the best practices, research, training and ongoing support.

White Paper

Improve Cell Adhesion by 25%

A common concern in cell culture is the effect of vibration on cells from the integral fans of an incubated environment, e.g., CO2 incubator, hypoxia workstation, etc.


White Paper

Eliminating the Edge Effect with ReCO2ver™

The inability to use the outer ring of wells in a microtiter or multiwell cell culture plate, commonly known as the Edge Effect, has been plaguing researchers for too long.


Research Paper

Optimal Oxygen Levels for Specific Stem Cell Types

Hypoxia maintains the niche where stem cells stay in optimal condition that benefits the self-renewal capacities of human embryonic, mesenchymal, hematopoietic and neural stem cells.


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